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Hi ­čĹő my name is Tayyip CANBAY
I'm a Junior Software Engineer
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I'm a Computer Engineering student at Balikesir University with a focus on Python programming, Machine Learning, and Data Science. I also have experience in both Frontend and Backend. I'm proficient in English and dedicated to ongoing learning, making me well-suited for projects that require technical expertise and creative problem-solving.



  1. Balikesir University

    IT Intern

    Completed a valuable IT internship at Balikesir University, gaining hands-on experience in supporting and maintaining IT infrastructure while contributing effectively to the universitys technology initiatives.

  2. Ministry of Youth and Sports

    Flight Simulation Pilot

    Delivered foundational flight principles and simulation training to high school students as part of a month-long engagement with the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports, fostering a passion for aviation and hands-on learning.


  1. Bal─▒kesir University

    Bachelor's degree, Computer Engineering

    Currently pursuing a comprehensive curriculum in Computer Engineering, focusing on a wide range of technical subjects and skills essential for modern technology solutions.

  2. National Defense University

    Airforce Academy

    Engaged in theoretical aviation studies and practical training, including 18 hours of flight education with a notable 1-hour solo flight experience (Cessna 172-S), showcasing a hands-on exposure to aviation principles.

My Projects
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Autonomous Air-to-Air Combat System for UAVs (Present)

Developing a cutting-edge Autonomous Air-to- Air Combat System for UAVs as part of my school's final project. Utilizing TensorFlow, OpenCV, and Kalman Filter technologies to enhance UAV capabilities in air-to-air combat scenarios.

#OpenCV#Tensorflow#Kalman Filter#Python
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Kandilli API

Created an API for Bo─čazi├ži University's Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute. Utilized Pandas and NumPy for data processing, and Flask for API development. The API delivers filtered real-time earthquake data and generates heatmaps based on specific criteria.

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Rocket Link (URL Shortener Project)

I spearheaded the development of a URL shortener service, allowing users to easily create accounts, manage their profiles, and streamline their links for greater accessibility and efficiency.

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TTen (Chat-GPT-Enhanced Project with Image Prompt)

TTen, developed solely by me, combines both frontend and backend elements. It provides unrestricted access to Chat-GPT using your API key, with additional image prompt capabilities powered by Tesseract. The frontend is built with React.js, and the backend is implemented using Flask and Python.

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Flight Database

The flight management database project aims to create a database schema that can store information related to airports, airlines, flights, passengers, and flight delays. The purpose of this database is to facilitate the management and tracking of flights, passengers, and delays.

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Socket Chat

Our server, featuring threaded architecture, adeptly manages incoming connections, user interactions, and communicationÔÇöensuring optimal performance through parallel processing.

#Java#Paralel Programming
Courses and Certificates
Data Science Specialization (IBM)

This Professional Certificate provides hands-on training in Data Science and Machine Learning. Learners cover fundamentals, tools, Python, SQL, Data Visualization, and Machine Learning model creation. The program includes cloud-based labs and a Capstone Project for practical application and demonstration of skills.

AI Engineering Specialization (IBM)

This Professional Certificate provides practical skills in Machine Learning and Deep Learning for an AI Engineering career, covering ML algorithms, Big Data, Apache Spark, and Deep Learning models using Keras, PyTorch, and Tensorflow. Learners gain proficiency in communicating project outcomes.

Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification (Stanford University)

Completed the Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification course, mastering essential concepts. Explored diverse algorithms, including regression, classification, clustering, and recommender systems.

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